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Building Upward: Asthma Explained for the BLS Provider

Course Description

Briefly review some of the most basic concepts of caring for a patient who is suffering from an asthma attack. Final Exam: This multiple-choice exam is designed to test your knowledge of the material you just reviewed. You have two attempts to gain an 80% or higher on this exam. Please take your time and answer each question carefully.

Climate vs. the Respiratory System

Course Description

This lesson briefly explores chronic respiratory illness. The benefit is we bring Meteorologist Bob Metcalfe to our discussion. You will quickly see that there are a number of things going on everyday that effect your respiratory patients that we should be aware of. Final Exam:Please read the questions carefully. You will have two attempts to obtain a 70% or higher. If you are not successful on your second attempt you are welcome to take the course again. Good luck!