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Building Upward: BLS Pharmacology Lesson 1—Albuterol

Building Upward: BLS Pharmacology Lesson 1—Albuterol




Building Upward: BLS Pharmacology Lesson 1 – Albuterol

Length: 1.5 hours

CEUs: 0.15

Description: The Building Upward Series is designed for the EMT who would like to review their basic skills and learn a little more than what was offered in the standard original course. If you are an EMT who is looking for a challenge and would like to know what questions to ask, this series is for you. Most BLS providers find the world of pharmacology to be one of the more confusing topics in prehospital medicine. This is the first lesson in a series that gives the BLS provider an opportunity to relate some advanced concepts to their practice as BLS providers. We begin with the commonly used medication albuterol sulfate and discuss many fundamental concepts that every provider should know when administering medications in a prehospital setting. Final Exam: This multiple choice exam is designed to test your knowledge of the material you just reviewed. You have two attempts to gain a 75% or higher on this exam. Please take your time and answer each question carefully.

Skills Videos: N/A

Fee: $6