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Training designed to prepare technicians and clinicians to work in and around austere environments.

Technical Rescue—EMS Considerations: Part 1

Course Description

Paramedic, and longtime EMS educator, Aaron Horowitz sits down with medical director, Jeremy Cushman. The thought-provoking discussion that ensues covers a wide range of technical rescues. We believe that much can be done to treat the sick and injured patient during a technical rescue of any type if you prepare for the incident. Many of these concepts you will want to discuss with fellow responders if you have not done so already.

Final Exam: This multiple choice exam is designed to test your knowledge of the material you just reviewed. You have two attempts to gain an 80% or higher on this exam. Please take your time and answer each question carefully.

Cardiac Arrest Management of the Firefighter Down

Course Description

Career Firefighter Jackeline Vazquez, BSCJ and Medical Director Jeremy Cushman, MD, MS, EMT-P, FACEP, FAEMS discuss the care and management of a cardiac arrest when the victim is a firefighter who is wearing full turnout gear. With the help of the Henrietta Fire District (New York State), this presentation offers many thought-provoking ideas that will assist your department.

Final Exam: Please read each question carefully. You will have two attempts to gain a 70% or higher on this exam. If you are not successful in two attempts, you are welcome to take the course again to gain the certification.