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VAD Educational Updates for the Prehospital Care Provider

Course Description

Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs) are not new devices. In fact, the first successful use of such a device was described in 1966. Since then, and particularly in the past few years, VAD design and safety has improved significantly and are now commonly implanted devices.

This course strives to bring prehospital providers current with the most commonly implanted devices at the time – this course will not cover every device that a prehospital provider may encounter.

Following successful completion of the material, the provider should feel comfortable recognizing the VAD patient when encountered in the community, have an understanding of the basic VAD components, be able to assess the VAD patient’s hemodynamic status, and be able to deliver care in the prehospital setting.

Chest Pain - Beyond MONA

course description

A review of atypical etiologies for chest pain, provided for an intended audience of prehospital care providers. This course refreshes physiology and pathophysiology for various cardiac and non-cardiac causes of chest pain, including definitions, disease morbidity and mortality, and prehospital treatments.

This training is primarily designed to assist paramedic providers as they care for patients in the prehospital environment

Commotio Cordis

Course Description

Paramedic Instructor Peter Bonadonna discusses his thoughts on Commotio Cordis in an effort to orient EMTs that are not familiar with the phenomena.